I don't think JSONSchema is a good choice for documentation

Created 2023-7-5

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Over the last week or so I've been working on making making Discord libraries easier through a collection of JSONSchemas I plan to keep up to date.

I am going to write a post about whether it works and what else needs to be done, but just as a preliminary result: I really don't think JSONSchema is a good choice for documentation. This may seem heretical given it's used by e.g. OpenAPI but it is significantly more geared towards validation. While intermixing those concerns is fine and all, this leaves a schema specification that is weird for documentation.

A specific example would be JSONSchema's "not" keyword: you can specify what something is not. This makes complete sense with validation in mind but when it comes to documentation: how exactly do you merge negative attributes with positive attributes? If I say something is not an integer, does that mean it should be documented as accepting everything else? There's quite a few questions here about how this fits in and I can think of no satisfying solution.

If you know a specification format more geared towards documentation, please let me know! Maybe I'll even finally set up my WebMentions so you can reply in your own posts! (doubtful)

This work was done as part of my so-far-unpublished Discord library.

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