Recipe for a Rust semaphore

Created 2021-9-19

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Recently, I wanted a semaphore for Rust to limit the number of requests at once to a thread-based server. Sadly, there is none in the standard library, and so I have to write my own.

I could use a threadpool, but that imposes a constant 50 threads, whereas my lazy system could burst to 50 requests but stay at only the main thread when needing to.

use std::sync;

pub struct Semaphore {
    counter: sync::Mutex<usize>,
    condvar: sync::Condvar,
    limit: usize

pub struct SemaphoreGuard<'a> {
    semaphore: &'a Semaphore

impl Semaphore {
    pub fn start(&self) -> SemaphoreGuard<'_> {
        // wait for availability
        let mut count = self.counter.lock().unwrap();
        while *count >= self.limit {
            count = self.condvar.wait(count).unwrap();

        *count += 1;
        SemaphoreGuard { semaphore: self }

    fn decrement(&self) {
        *self.counter.lock().unwrap() -= 1;

    pub fn new(limit: usize) -> Self {
        Self {
            counter: sync::Mutex::new(0),
            condvar: sync::Condvar::new(),

impl Drop for SemaphoreGuard<'_> {
    fn drop(&mut self) {

This probably has bugs but, whatever. Also, it could probably be made faster using atomics. But if a semaphore is your bottleneck, you can probably figure those out.

Perhaps I'll post some analysis of the lines in the future, but I'm out of motivation.

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