Designing an interface for Discord components: A dash through prior work

Discord components are a strange mix of stateless and stateful programming. In this blog post, I will cover many different library's implementations.

Recipe for a Rust semaphore

Recently, I wanted a semaphore for Rust to limit the number of requests at once to a thread-based server. Sadly, there is none in the standard library, and so I have to write my own.

Next.js Dynamic Routing with Cloudflare Pages

Maybe you want to meme around with the new JAMStack "innovation" or whatever. Anyways, for some reason, you decided to use Next.js in Cloudflare Pages.

Type checking as a form of pattern matching

Word of warning: I'm mainly talking about Python's type checking landscape. Things I talk about might or might not apply to your programming language of choice.

Trying out Zola

I've seen a few sites using Zola (well, more like a single), and it looks pretty good in my opinion - and hey, if that's what it takes to prevent myself from reinventing the wheel, great!